Wednesday, April 10, 2013

City of Hope {Would you share the Hope?}

City of Hope is the a project from the Organization Hope 4 Guatemala. This project will be home to more than a 1000 kids in Guatemala City. Providing food, medical attention, education, career training opportunities and of course biblical education.
Jose Armas {my brother an founder of Hope} is been dreaming about this project for years! And finally God has provided a place for them to start developing this dream.
In the month of  April a very important event will be taking place in Atlanta. That is The 7th Annual Charity Golf Tournament in benefit of the children of Hope 4 Guatemala. I know that many of you might be thinking - "I live far away form Atlanta"  or maybe "I don't play  or even like golf". But believe me there are many ways in which you can help this project.
You can:
- Pray for Hope 4 Guatemala! Pray for protection and guidance for Jose and his family, provision to cover all the expenses involved in the daily rouiteness, for the team of leaders, cooks and teachers and for the lives of the children and their families.
- Pray for The 7th annual Golf Tournament to be a success so City of Hope can become a reality!
Donate any amount you like! All donations are tax deductible and you will get a receipt stating your donation.
- You can also donate Items for the Silent Auction and Raffles happening at the Tournament!
- Become a Hole Sponsor for the Tournament, receive advertising in exchange! (click in the link for more information)
-And last but not least Sponsor a Child by donating a monthly fee to provide food, education, especial programs and more for a child in need.
Whatever way you decide to help, these children will be blessed by you! Please feel free to share this post with friends and family.

                                               Here are some pictures of City of Hope

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Little Girls Ruffled Dress {Tutorial Link}

For the past three years I been wanting to make my daughter's Easter dress and I never had {made} the time to do it. Well this year I started planning on making their {because now I have 2 girls!} dresses in February! I had to, otherwise I wouldn't had been able to do it. 
When I sew a project I pretty much figure out how to make it, but these were my girls' Easter dresses so I wanted to do a good job. I knew I wanted to make ruffled dresses and when I was looking for patterns to buy I found a couple of nice tutorials that I could adapt for both of my girls. 
So here they are!

For my older daughter I used this tutorial and adapted the measurements to her size like shown in the tutorial.

The only thing I did was to finish the inside of the dress with bias tape so it was more comfortable for her to wear.

For the top of my youngest dress I used this tutorial 

The result was two adorable girls with super cute ruffled Easter dresses :) 

My secret weapon to make those cute flowing ruffles is this amazing ruffler foot for my sewing machine. It literally makes your life easier {when it comes to make the ruffles} 

Well what do you guys think?

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Big Bow Crochet Hat

I made this hat as a special order and I really liked the way it turned out.
I'm thinking about making a tutorial on the big bow, but I've never made a tutorial before so I'm still not sure about it.
The pattern is pretty simple and you can make it bigger or smaller depending on what you like :)
In the mean time I leave you with some pictures of the hat.
What do you guys think?

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Reflection

We had a blessed Easter this year. We were able to spend time together as a family and also shared time with our church family and friends! My husband and I gave the girls their baskets early in the morning and then we headed to church with the girls wearing the dresses and headbands I made for them :)

But Easter is so much more than pretty dresses (even tho my girls looked so cute!) more than candy and gifts, even more than time together as a family! Easter is about Jesus' resurrection and the sacrifice He made on the cross to save the world!
This is such an important day for us as a family. It's the day we get to celebrate the greatest gift we have ever received, the gift if God's love, the gift if salvation!
Salvation from the destructive path we were taking, salvation from all the craziness that reigns in this world. We celebrate the abundant life that only God can give us.

On Easter Day I like to reflect on the price that was paid for my sins and most if all the most amazing love I've ever felt in my life. God loved me when was unlovable, He loved me more than anyone else have, and He put me first when I didn't deserved it. He gave His life so I could live. There's nothing I could ever do to repay what He has done for me!
All I can do is allow him to live in me, all I can do is give him my heart and life everyday, letting him change my sinful nature into everything He has intended me to be. A better wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend. I want to live the life He planned for me even before I was born!

Jesus has given a new life and he wants to give you a new and abundant life too, all you have to do is open your heart and let him in.

Happy Easter! He's risen!

Friday, March 29, 2013

New beginning...

It's been more than a year since I posted something on my blog... I know, I know!
Honestly as you can clearly see I am not a big blogger, I started blogging because my handmade friends suggested it, but I can't keep up with being a mom of two (because now I have 2 girls!) the orders I receive from my facebook page and my new part time job.
Yes, I work from home (and I love it) I have such an amazing friend for boss. She makes me feel more like her partner (I wish I was!) than her employee.
I've learned so much from her, her determination, her faith and trust in God and her amazing relationship with her family.
I am so excited for this opportunity I've been given by God and Kristen from Vessel Handmade.
Her shop is up and running and I would like to take the chance to share the new and exciting things that are coming! So check it out and feel free to share it with your friends!

You can read all about Vessel Handmade here . Until my next post I leave you with some of the things that been happening during these last months and also things I've been working on my own shop.

Looking at these I noticed I have a thing for monkeys lol!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fairly Fabulous: So many hats, so little time

So excited to share this supercute post from my friend Megan of Fairly Fabuouls!
She featured my chunky hat and flower on one of her recent post!
I love the part she said it made her feel happy <3
Please take a moment to see the beautiful pictures :)

Thank you Megan I hope you enjoy your hat!

Fairly Fabulous: So many hats, so little time: Hats. I try. I try really, really hard to successfully wear many hats. The awesome mom hat. The perfect wife hat. The immaculat...

Monday, October 10, 2011

The Threadery!!!

So my very first market is almost here and I feel so not ready for it!
I been crocheting my fingers away but between hubby, daughter, house, school and some recent health issues I feel like I need more time!
The Threadery means so much to me, not only because the organizers Nicole and Kristen are two beautiful friends of mine but also because this will be my very first market!
I am nervous...but excited... happy...but worried that I won't have enough items to share!
Thank God for sending my sweet sister {in-law} Patty from Make it Cozee to share this experience with me! (Yes she is one of the vendors too :) And during the weekend we got to spend some time together enjoying our babies and sharing some secrets about the items we will have ready especially for this day!

So here are some teasers for you!

New Star Stitch Pacifier Holders!

Perfect for baby shower gifts or holidays!
 I have so many colors available ;)

My  New Wool Hat 
{I need to figure out a name leave a comment with your suggestions} 

I am so proud of these hats! They are elegant and very casual too. 
You can wear them with or without the flower and I have at least 2 on each of these beautiful colors ready!
Deep Purple
Cherry Red
Old Time Brown
Denim Blue
And Pea (pictured)
{Thank you Patty for the pics!}

I will also have some of my Mickey and Minnie Mouse Hats from newborn to adult

Some Sock Monkey in many different colors

These cute barefooted sandals in tons of colors too!

Of course my signature headbands in fall and winter colors :)

And many different colors on these super cute slouchies!

So make your list and come early cause I personally think these will run out fast!

Wanna meet the rest of fabulous vendors? Watch the video commercial!

and visit The Threadery FB fan page for more info!

Also! Print out and Share this flyer! Let everybody know where to go Sat Oct, 22nd!

See you there :)